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Why we Opened

From Childhood to till date, I absolutely love reading Stories!! For me, these are very relaxing and at the same time, we learn something new from every Story. I enjoy both, reading and writing the Stories. And that is the reason, I always wanted to create My Own Collection of Stories where all the Stories should be written in a very simple way and should be easy to understand. This is the reason we created a whole Website Dedicated to Stories. We added a Moral to every Story because we feel any Story is incomplete without Moral or Learnings. KWStoryTime is a website with Kids Stories, Kids Bedtime Stories, Inspirational Stories, Popular Tales like Tenali Raman, Panchatantra, Akbar Birbal, Vikram Betal, Mythological Stories, Riddles & Jokes, Bhagavad Gita Shlokas, Kabir Das Dohe, Inspirational Quotes and much much more.

I am always concerned for the future generations which are occupied with Computers and Mobiles. We want them to understand the happiness of Stories and experience the same time which we felt when our Parents and Grandparents told us the Stories. I hope that all the "Wonderful Kids" enjoy this KWStoryTime and learn something new with every Story.

Our Vision for this Website is very clear!! We want to make a Positive Environment where not only we can learn things and grow ourselves but also share the knowledge with our loved ones. Most importantly we should feel HAPPY!!

Why in Hindi and English both??

We want our Stories to reach everyone. We opened our first website in English and later we got many requests to have it in Hindi too. This time we want everyone to be able to read and enjoy the stories.

What KWStoryTime stands for ??

KW stands for Khushi's World. I already have a successful website running from last 3 and 1/2 years. Khushi's World has a lot of sections but I wanted a dedicated and separate segment of the stories that's why we decided to open a completely new website for stories.

Khushi - Founder, Author, Designer, Editor and Social Media Manager 

Hey Friends! I am Khushi!! Whenever you write or contact us, I will be the person you will talk with. I am a full-time Blogger since 2014!! Before jumping in this Career, I was in Information Technology Field. My first Website is Khushi's World (which is all about Food, Beauty, Lifestyle,DIYs and much more) and now I am pretty excited about this website too. I love writing and learning new things.
To Know me better please click HERE.

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