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The Monkey and The Crocodile ( The Original Story ) | Panchatantra

This is the story of The Monkey And The Crocodile from Panchatantra Collection.

A long time back, there was a monkey who lived on a huge tree. The tree was special not because it was huge but because its fruits were the sweetest. The monkey was happy eating the fruits every day.

One day a crocodile came swimming near the tree. He was tired because he was swimming for a long time. He wanted to eat something. Seeing him hungry, the kind monkey felt bad. He said, " Hey Croco! You seem hungry. I will give you the most delicious fruits ever", tossing the fruits to the crocodile.

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The crocodile loved the fruits. He went back to the river after taking rest for a while and said goodbye to the monkey. The very next day the crocodile came back to the monkey again. This kept on going for a few days and they both become very good friends too.

One time the crocodile ate some fruits and also carried some for his wife. The crocodile's wife was selfish and greedy. The wife after eating such delicious fruits told her husband, "Just think that if these fruits are so sweet, the monkey's heart will be even sweeter as eats these fruits every day. Tomorrow you will go and get me that monkey's heart."

The crocodile didn't want to eat his friend but he couldn't speak against his wife. The very next day he went to see the monkey. He invited him to his home for dinner. The monkey readily agreed and jumped on the crocodile's back. Soon they started swimming towards the crocodile's home. 

Initially, the crocodile was feeling sad but later he felt happy that he fooled the monkey to come with him. While talking he by mistake told about the plan of killing the monkey. The monkey felt betrayed and sad at the same time but didn't reveal his feelings. Instead, he remained calm and took a minute or two to think about the plan of saving himself.

The monkey told the Crocodile, "Oh my friend! You should have told me earlier. I do not have any problem with being eaten by your wife. However, you wouldn't want to disappoint her. My sweet heart I forgot in the tree only. Let's go back and I will pick that up."

The foolish crocodile agreed and they went back near to the tree. The monkey didn't waste even a single second and jumped to the tallest branch of the tree. From there he shouted, "Tell your wife that she has married a fool. Have you ever heard about anyone whose heart is outside his body? Never come here again, you have betrayed my friendship." 

The crocodile was ashamed of what happened and swam back into the sea, having lost a dear friend due to his foolishness.

Moral -
Dear Friends!!
"There are many things we can learn from the story. First never underestimate your mind power. With calm mind and quick thinking, you can come out of any troubled situation. 
Second never trust anyone easily and make true friends in life. True friends will never betray you."

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Thank you!!

Inspired By - Panchatantra Collections
Story By - Darpan

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