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The Wicked Barber’s Plight | Akbar Birbal

Birbal was always the favorite of Akbar and that was one of the reasons why some group of ministers in Emperor Akbar's court was a little jealous of Birbal. They always look out for a chance to get rid of him.

One day the ministers approached the King's Barber with a plan to permanently get rid of Birbal. The wicked Barber also agreed in return for the huge amount of money.

The next time the king required his services, the barber started a conversation about the emperor’s father, Humayun who he also used to serve. He sang praises of his fine, silky-smooth hair. And then as an afterthought, he asked the king that as he was enjoying such great prosperity, had he made an attempt to do anything for the welfare of his ancestors?

King Akbar was furious listening to this as he said I can't do anything for the people who are already dead. The barber mentioned that he knew of a magician who could come of help. The magician could send a person up to heaven to inquire about his father’s welfare.

But of course this person would have to be chosen carefully; he would have to be intelligent enough to follow the magician’s instructions as well as make on-the-spot decisions. The barber then suggested the best person for the job – the wisest of all ministers, Birbal.

The King did not think deeply about this as he was happy that it is even possible for someone to go Heaven like this. He told Birbal to make arrangements as soon as possible. The Barber also explained that they would take Birbal in a procession to the burial grounds and light a pyre. The magician would then chant some ‘mantras’ as Birbal would ascend to the heavens through the smoke. The chanting would help protect Birbal from the fire.

The king happily informed Birbal of this complete plan. Birbal said that he thought it a brilliant idea and wanted to know the brain behind it. When learning that it was the barber’s idea, he agreed to go to heaven on condition that he be given a large sum of money for the long journey as well as one month’s time to settle his family so that they had no trouble while he was gone. The king agreed to both conditions.

In the duration of this month, he got a few trustworthy men to build a tunnel from the funeral grounds to his house. And on the day of the ascension, after the pyre had been lit, Birbal escaped through the concealed door of the tunnel. He disappeared into his house where he hid for a few months while his hair and beard grew long and unruly.

In the meantime, his enemies were rejoicing as they thought that they had seen the last of Birbal. Then one day after a few months Birbal arrived at the palace with news of the king’s father. The king was extremely pleased to see him and ready with a lot of questions. Birbal told the king that his father was in the best of spirits and had been provided with all the comforts except one.

The king wanted to know what was lacking because now he thought he had found a way to send things and people to heaven. Birbal answered that there were no barbers in heaven, which is why even he was forced to grow his own beard. He said that his father had asked for a good barber.

So the king decided to send his own barber to serve his father in heaven. He called both the barber and the magician to prepare to send him to heaven. The Barber was caught in his own plan. He pleads guilty and told everything to Akbar and Birbal on why he made this up and who was behind this.

Akbar gave the punishments to the people involved in this and gave Birbal prize for his wittiness and presence of mind.


Dear Friends!! 
"People who are jealous of you will try to pull you down. But with your smartness and your presence of mind, you can always stay ahead and get the things you wish and deserve in life."

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Story By:- Akbar Birbal Collections
Post By:- Khushi 

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