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Grasshopper and the Ant | Kids Story

This story is one of my favorite stories from childhood. Once upon a time, the Grasshopper was playing his guitar, singing, and dancing and enjoying the sunshine. The Grasshopper sat under a tree and played happily for a long time. Later he saw an ant working very hard. The ant was gathering the food and collecting it for future preparations.

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The Grasshopper was never into hard work. He was laughing on ant and said, "Why you are working so hard? Common let's have fun, let's dance and sing. There is no profit in doing hard work in life."
The Ant continuing her work said, "No! we must gather the food for the Winters. You should also do the same."

The Grasshopper was not at all worried. He said, "I have plenty of food for now. Why worry in life?" and he continued playing his guitar.

Slowly the season changed and the winter season began. One by one all the grass turned brown and all the leaves from the trees shred. It was all covered with only snow. The Grasshopper started to struggle in life for food. There came a day now when he has nothing to eat and because of too much cold, he was shivering.

He remembered the ant's place. He went there and knocked. The Ant opened the door. The Grasshopper cried, "I am hungry. I cannot find anything to eat. "
Although the Ant knew that the grasshopper is not getting food because he didn't work at the right time, she still felt pity for him. The Ant called the Grasshopper inside and gave him food. The Grasshopper ate happily and promised the Ant that he will never waste time before Winter.

Dear Kids!!
We should always work hard and prepare yourself for the future. We should not be lazy like the Grasshopper but should be hardworking like ants. In the end, hard work will pay off but lazy people can suffer.

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Thank you!!

Story By - Aesop's Fable
Post By - Khushi

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