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The Golden Egg | Kids Story

There was a man living in the village. He had a hen, not like any other. The hen was very very special. Every morning the man used to go to the hen and the hen would lay an egg. Not just any ordinary egg, it was a golden egg.


The golden egg was made completely of gold. The man was happy with one egg every day as it was enough for his family to survive and enjoy life.

However, as human nature is a combination of both good and bad things, the man also started getting greedy thoughts in his mind. He thought if the hen could give one egg every day then how many eggs will be inside her.

The very next day when the hen laid the golden egg, the man took a knife and killed the hen. He opened the whole body of the hen but couldn't get any egg.

The man was just sad and disappointed and felt bad for his greediness throughout his life.


Dear Kids!!
"You should be ambitious but not greedy. If you want money you have to work for it, if you want respect, you have to earn it. Greediness never gives what we want for long."

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Moral: One who desires more, loses all. One should remain satisfied with what one gets.

Inspired By - Aseop's Fables
Post By - Khushi

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