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The Bird With Nine Heads | Kids Story

Today's interesting story is about a King, his Queen, his Daughter, and a Bird with Nine Heads.

This story is about a thousand years ago when one day the daughter was walking in the garden and a tremendous storm suddenly came up and carried her away with it. This storm had come from the bird with nine heads, who had robbed the princess, and brought her to his cave. The king did not know where his daughter had disappeared, so he had proclaimed throughout the land: “Whoever brings back the princess may have her for his bride!”

BirdWithNineHeads | KidsStory

The Boy Who Waited For the Best Diamond Ring | Kids Moral Stories

This is a story about a Boy and a Girl who loved each other truly and how the boy started looking for the best diamond ring in town.

They were in love for almost 5 years now and they often talk about marriage now. Within their talks many times the girl told the boy, how she dreams of getting proposed for marriage, with a beautiful diamond ring. The boy also wanted to give her love, the same happiness, and surprise one day.

The Boy Who Waited For the Best Diamond Ring | Kids Moral Stories

Can the Pig Really Fly? | Kid's Story

There was a small farm where many types of animals used to live. Sheep, Hen, Pigs, Cows, and many more. Near the farm, in the open sky, many eagles enjoyed flying too regularly.

One day the Pig was seeing the eagles flying in the sky. Suddenly he exclaimed with joy and said loudly, "I will also fly like the Mighty Eagles. It will be such fun." Nearby one sheep was there. She told the Pig, "No! We can't fly. We do not have the power to fly."


How Becky Ant's and Harry Dove's Life Changed | Kid's Story

There was an ant. Her name was Becky. She was a very jolly, hardworking and helpful ant. Every day she used to go near the river, enjoy the view and drink water and come back.

In the same forest, there was a Dove. Dove's name was Harry.  Harry used to fly around in the forest every day. He also loves to fly near the river and enjoy the beautiful nature.


Lily Sheep and Pondy the Pig | Kid's Moral Story

Once upon a time, a shepherd with all his sheep was crossing across the town. On the way, he saw a group of pigs playing around. Seeing no one near pigs, the shepherd thought of taking the pigs with him. The Pigs also became happy as they thought they are getting a home.

Soon the pigs and the sheep became friends. There were two best friends in the group. One was the sheep named Lily and the other was the pig named Pondy. Lily and Pondy used to talk daily and play a lot.


Miser and his Gold Coins | Kids Moral Stories

This is the story of a Miser and his Gold. Once upon a time, there was a miser. He had a garden. He was not too rich but one day his life changed. He got unexpected money from somewhere.

Since then he became richer every day. However, the more money he got, the more he became afraid of money being stolen. So he converted his money into gold coins and buried it in his garden, covered with stones.

Rambo's trip from Heaven | Kids Story

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who had a farm full of sugarcanes. He was working very hard to grow these sugarcanes from the last few months. Because he worked very hard he was very cautious of his farm.

Every night he used to keep a watch on his farm. One night he went to his farm he saw a white elephant.


God Helps Those Who Help Themselves | Kids Story

There was a village which was close to a very large forest. In the same village, four friends, Raj, Rohan, Ravi, and Rajesh were living. Once they all were invited to attend a marriage function in the nearby village. However, the village was across the forest.

All the friends decided to go to the marriage together as they thought it is better to be together while crossing the forest.


The Golden Egg | Kids Story

There was a man living in the village. He had a hen, not like any other. The hen was very very special. Every morning the man used to go to the hen and the hen would lay an egg. Not just any ordinary egg, it was a golden egg.


Mischievous Manu who cried Wolf

There lived a shepherd in a village names Bansi. He had many sheep. He took them out every morning for grazing. One day, his wife fell ill and he had to go to the city to purchase some medicines for his ailing wife. 'There will be no one to take care of the sheep', he thought to himself. Then he called his son and told him, "Manu, I'm going to the city to purchase some medicines for your mother. It will take me two or three days to come back. So take care of the sheep. Save them from being attacked by the tigers and wolves. There are many wild animals in the nearby forest. They might kill our sheep."

Bholu, Chunnu and their Donkey | Kids Story

There was a man Bholu. He was like his name, a very innocent and simple man. He had a son Chunnu. He was also like his father. They both very living happily in a village. Where one side in the village these good people were living, there were also some naughty boys who always play tricks on Bholu and Chunnu.

The Unhappy Dog Danny | Kids Story

This story is about a discontented and unhappy dog who is always sad about seeing things which other animals have. This story tells the importance of appreciating what we have. The story goes likes this,
One Day a dog named Danny was relaxing when he sees a cat Bob on a high wall. He was very sad looking at Bob. He thinks to himself, "Bob is so lucky. He can climb, I wish I could climb the wall."


Three Stupid Wishes by the WoodCutter Charlie | Kids Story

Once there lived a woodcutter Charlie with his wife Mary. He used to cut wood in the forest and sold them in the market. This was the only means of his livelihood.

One day, Charlie went to cut wood in the forest. On the way, he was singing a song and enjoying nature and its beauty. There he saw a very big tree in front of him. He thought of cutting the whole tree to get more wood. As the tree was very big, the wood obtained from it would be enough for his whole life.

Titu and Rambo Unforgettable Race | Kids Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest. In the forest, there were two neighbors Titu Turtle and Rambo Rabbit, who were living near a lake in their small houses. Every day Rambo used to tease Titu saying how slow you are and how fast I am. Titu used to avoid this with a smile every time.

One day there was a party where all animals were enjoying. Suddenly Rambo started teasing Titu in front of all friends. He said, "Where Titu can complete only one circle of the forest, I can finish off 100 rounds at the same time". 

Titu and Rambo Unforgettable Race | Kids Story