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Lily Sheep and Pondy the Pig | Kid's Moral Story

Once upon a time, a shepherd with all his sheep was crossing across the town. On the way, he saw a group of pigs playing around. Seeing no one near pigs, the shepherd thought of taking the pigs with him. The Pigs also became happy as they thought they are getting a home.

Soon the pigs and the sheep became friends. There were two best friends in the group. One was the sheep named Lily and the other was the pig named Pondy. Lily and Pondy used to talk daily and play a lot.


One day they noticed that there are fewer pigs than the first day. Pondy got scared. Lily and Pondy thought they need to find what is happening.

On the same night, when the shepherd and all the other animals slept, Pondy and Lily just woke up and started looking for clues. Strangely soon the clues showed that the pig which was missing was actually killed by the Shepherd for food. They realized that slowly all other pigs will also be killed.

Pondy and Lily were scared but they knew that they have to do something. The next morning when the Shepherd went shopping in the town, Lily and Pondy told the nightly story to all the other animals. Everyone was scared but they decided they need to run away before the shepherd comes back.

Lily knew the way of going out of the village and a better safe place. She asked everyone to follow her and soon they all were out. When the Shepherd came back from the town he saw all the animals left. He realized that his secret had come out and regretted his action for the rest of his life.


Dear Kids!!
"Always be cautious about what is going near you. Just like Lily and Pondy took action as soon as they realized their life is in danger, we should take action in life solve as soon as we know about the problem."

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Thank you!!

Story By - Darpan
Post By - Darpan

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