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Who Made a Large Sacrifice? | Vikram Betal

Yet another day when King Vikramaditya reached the peepul tree and placed Betal on his shoulder, as they walked, Betal began to tell another story.

It was the court of King Roopsen when a man called Birbal introduced himself and asked to be employed as the King's Bodyguard. He even displayed his impressive skills to the court and the King readily agreed to give him the job.

Who Made a Large Sacrifice? | Vikram Betal

Soon after this event, one day while Birbal was walking through the forest, he heard and saw something strange. It was the demon was wanted to destroy the King's whole palace. The Demon said, "I am here to take the King away from all the luxuries and his palace life. If he will not come with me, I will curse his Whole Kingdom!"

Birbal was shocked at this news and asked, “Is there anything I can do to save both the King and Kingdom?” The demon roared, “You must find a suitable substitute for the King! One who is of a pure heart!”

Birbal asked for a day to find a substitute and went home. When he told his family the truth, his son offered himself as a substitute for the King. The next morning, King Roopsen received word of the demon and arrived in the forest to try and stop Birbal and his son.

“What can I give you, O demon, to stop you from taking this young man! Surely there is something I can offer you!”, said the King. “Give me half your kingdom and I will spare both you and this young boy”, bellowed the demon.

The King agreed to hand over half of his kingdom to the demon and Birbal’s son was safe. “So tell me, wise King,” began Betal. “Who made a larger sacrifice? Birbal’s young son or the King?”

King Vikramaditya laughed and said, “It is a King’s duty to protect his subjects, but Birbal’s son was ready to give up his life for a man he did not know, and that, is the highest sacrifice.”

“You are right! But since you have opened your mouth, I must fly away.” With these words, Betal flew away, leaving King Vikramaditya to chase him with his sword.

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Story By - Vikram Betal Collections
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