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The Exchanged Heads | Vikram Betal

This is another wonderful and exciting story from the Vikram Betal Collections. Once upon a time, there lived a washerman named Devashish. One day, he was washing clothes on the bank of a river when he saw a very beautiful lady, and he instantly fell in love with her. He inquired about her and found out that she was the daughter of a Brahmin who lived in a nearby village and her name was Madhusundari.
Devashish went to meet Madhusundari’s parents and asked them for her hand. They readily agreed and soon Devashish was married to Madhusundari.


Who Made a Large Sacrifice? | Vikram Betal

Yet another day when King Vikramaditya reached the peepul tree and placed Betal on his shoulder, as they walked, Betal began to tell another story.

It was the court of King Roopsen when a man called Birbal introduced himself and asked to be employed as the King's Bodyguard. He even displayed his impressive skills to the court and the King readily agreed to give him the job.

Who Made a Large Sacrifice? | Vikram Betal

Who is more Noble? The King or the Minister | Vikram Betal

It was another gloomy night where King Vikram And Betal was going. Betal started telling the story to Vikram.

Once upon a time, there was a ruler of the Kingdom of Magadha. One day he went hunting in the forest and lost his way. Instead of coming out, he kept going deeper and deeper into the forest. Suddenly he heard a rustling sound nearby.


Sona's Swayamvar | Vikram Betal

This story also starts as other stories of Vikram Betal. Betal lying on Vikram's solder started narrating the story.

There was a village of Kishannagar where King Rajendra and his queen Prema were living. They had a baby girl after many years of their marriage, which they named Sona. The king was a very noble and kind man.


Reward For The Gatekeeper | Vikram Betal

Here comes another interesting story from the Vikram Betal Collection. The story starts like this,
Once upon a time there lived a king named Chandrakant. He was not only brave but also very generous. One day, one of the main gate entrance guard from his palace's came to him and told him, “My King! Please alert all the soldiers as soon the enemy's army will attack us."


A Promise Not Kept | Vikram Betal

Vikram went back to the tree and mounted Betal on his shoulders again. Betal started telling him another story.

The story went like this:-
The ruler of Kishanagar had an extremely beautiful daughter, named Sona. As she was the only child, she enjoyed a lot of freedom. She was intelligent, well read and skilled in the use of weapons. When she reached a marriageable age, the king started looking for a suitable partner for her. The princess wanted to marry a man more skilled than her in every respect. So, she asked her father to make an announcement that she would marry only the person who would be able to defeat her in a fight. The king was very proud to hear his daughter’s views and made announcements in every state, inviting princes to his kingdom.

The Four Boys Who Made a Lion | Vikram Betaal

The King Vikram wanting to take Betal home started listening to another story by Betal. Rules are same if the King knows the answer and didn't tell he will be killed, and if the king speaks anything Betal will fly away.
Betal started the story. Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin in a city, who had four sons. The Brahmin had himself taught the Vedas and the holy scriptures to all of them.
One day, the brothers decided to venture out into the world on their own, learn a special skill and then come back again to meet each other. So, they went to learn something extraordinary and after some time, came back to meet each other at the appointed time.

The Three Special Brahmins | Vikram Betal

Once upon a time, there lived a rich Brahmin by the name of Vishnuswamin, who was performing a huge sacrificial rite. He had three sons and each was extremely particular about three specific things. The eldest was careful about food, the second about women and the third about beds.
Vishsnuswamin wanted a tortoise for his sacrifice. So, he sent his three sons to get one. They did find one, but each of them refused to touch it and bring it back home.


The Three Sensitive Queens | Vikram Betal

Vikram went back to the tree and mounted Betal on his shoulders again. Betal started telling him another story.

The story went like this:-

Once upon a time, there lived a king of Ujjayani by name of Dharmadhvaja, who had three exquisitely Sensitive Queens. He loved all three of them very much, all of them were of unparalleled beauty.


How Vikram and Betal met | Vikram-Betal

One day a sage came to the court of Vikram and gifted him a fruit. The king handed it over to his treasurer. From that day, the sage kept coming to the court daily to gift a fruit to the king. The king could not understand the reason behind this behavior. But still, he did not try to find out the sage’s intentions.
However, one morning, Vikram noticed a monkey sitting on the palace wall and gave the fruit to it. The monkey had started eating the fruit when suddenly a dazzling diamond fell out of it.