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Titu and Rambo Unforgettable Race | Kids Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful forest. In the forest, there were two neighbors Titu Turtle and Rambo Rabbit, who were living near a lake in their small houses. Every day Rambo used to tease Titu saying how slow you are and how fast I am. Titu used to avoid this with a smile every time.

One day there was a party where all animals were enjoying. Suddenly Rambo started teasing Titu in front of all friends. He said, "Where Titu can complete only one circle of the forest, I can finish off 100 rounds at the same time". 

Titu and Rambo Unforgettable Race | Kids Story

This time Titu didn't avoid this. He thought, enough is enough and then he challenged Rambo to a race. All the animals were shocked by this sudden challenge from Titu. Rambo too laughed out loud and said,"OK Buddy! Let's have a race tomorrow." And it was decided that next day the race will happen.

Next morning all animals gathered on the ground to see the race. Miku Monkey was decided as the referee for the race. He threw the coconut out of the tree on the ground to start the race. Rambo began the race at a super speed whereas Titu started slow steps, taking steps one by one. Rambo completed half of the race within 15 minutes and Titu was long behind him.

Rambo turned back and as Titu was nowhere near him, he thought let's sleep for 10 minutes. Afterall I am going to win the race easily. Titu, on the other hand, was still walking step by step. In some time he arrived at the point where Rambo was sleeping. He slowly crossed Rambo without making even a pin drop sound.

Titu was very tired but he was dedicated and didn't want to quit in between. So he keeps on pushing himself and continued his steps. After around an hour, Rambo wakes up. Rambo realized that he overslept. He tried looking for Titu but couldn't find him anywhere.

Rambo resumed the race and started running. As we were approaching the finish line he saw Titu was already close to the finish line. All the animals were cheering for Titu. Rambo was running very fast but before he could touch the line, Titu had already won the race.

The Lion King declared Titu as the winner and gave him a big trophy. Everyone congratulated Titu.

Rambo rabbit realized his mistake that he should not be overconfident for anything in life. He too congratulated Titu and then never ever teased him again in life.


1) "Even we are good in one thing doesn't mean that we should make others feel inferior for that."
2) "Don't ever give up in life. Keep working and keep taking steps every day towards your goal no matter how small they are."

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Post By :- Khushi
Story By :- Khushi

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