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Three Stupid Wishes by the WoodCutter Charlie | Kids Story

Once there lived a woodcutter Charlie with his wife Mary. He used to cut wood in the forest and sold them in the market. This was the only means of his livelihood.

One day, Charlie went to cut wood in the forest. On the way, he was singing a song and enjoying nature and its beauty. There he saw a very big tree in front of him. He thought of cutting the whole tree to get more wood. As the tree was very big, the wood obtained from it would be enough for his whole life.

As Charlie picked up his axe to cut the tree, he heard a voice, "Please do not cut this tree." He stopped and looked here and there, but found none. He thought it to be an illusion. He again picked his axe and aimed at the tree, but he heard the same words again, "Please be kind to me. Do not cut this tree." The woodcutter again stopped and looked all around. But he could not see anyone. Then a fairy spoke from the tree, "I am a fairy and live in this tree. During the winter, I live in the trunk and for rest of the year, I live on its branches. If you cut this tree, I will be homeless, the winter is approaching fast and I will die of cold. Do not destroy my home. I will fulfill your three desires instead."

Hearing this Charlie was very happy. Now he could be rich without doing any work. He accepted the fairy’s offer and ran to his house to tell Mary about this. Mary was surprised to see him back so early and said, "Why did you so early today? You are looking very happy. What is the matter? Please let me know."

Charlie told, "Something unbelievable happened with me. I got a big treasure" And he started dancing. His wife could not understand anything and said, "What is the matter? Tell me clearly. I cannot hold my patience anymore."

He narrated the whole incident to his wife. Mary jumped out of joy. He said, "I am hungry. Give me something to eat." As today he came earlier than usual Mary didn't prepare anything till now. She said, "Wait, I will just prepare something for you."

Charlie told with excitement, "No, do not cook anything. I can fulfill any three desires. Now as the first one, I want sweets and hot pudding." As soon as he uttered these words, a plate of hot pudding came before him. He ate to his satisfaction and the plate continued to fill again and again. Then he asked his wife also to eat the tasty pudding. But she was very angry and said, "You have wasted one boon, and now I wish that the pudding should be pasted on your nose!" The pudding immediately stuck to his nose. The woodcutter got annoyed and said, "Oh, what a fool you are! What have you done?" He tried to clear the pudding from his nose, but the pudding remained stuck. He scolded his wife and said, "You have wasted the second boon and we can ask for lots of money." The woodcutter got irritated and said, "Oh! You are a big fool. There is hot pudding stuck to my nose and you are asking for money! I wish that the pudding of my nose should vanish immediately!" The pudding vanished. The woodcutter was relieved but both realized that all the three wishes are gone.

Both Charlie and Mary started feeling sorry for themselves as they could have asked for all the money, fame and happiness of the world but wasted this opportunity.


Dear Friends!! 
"Be always careful of what you wish for. Never be greedy and angry otherwise you can miss wonderful opportunities of life and will be regretting for your lifetime !!"

I hope you all love this story. This story is perfect for all kids. Whether your kids are in class 1 or class 2 these moral stories will be a useful read. If you liked this story, please let us know in the comments section below. Please like & share the story too. If you have a story in Hindi or English to share with everyone, then you can also contact us. Take care of yourself and be happy,
Thank you!!

Post By - Darpan
Original Story By - M. Jean Craig

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