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Can the Pig Really Fly? | Kid's Story

There was a small farm where many types of animals used to live. Sheep, Hen, Pigs, Cows, and many more. Near the farm, in the open sky, many eagles enjoyed flying too regularly.

One day the Pig was seeing the eagles flying in the sky. Suddenly he exclaimed with joy and said loudly, "I will also fly like the Mighty Eagles. It will be such fun." Nearby one sheep was there. She told the Pig, "No! We can't fly. We do not have the power to fly."


Listening to this the Pig suddenly turned back and with a little angry face said, "Of course we can fly! Anyone can fly. I just need the wings like those Eagles. You just wait till tomorrow and then I will show you flying."

The Sheep told the Pig again but Pig was in his own dreams. He already planned what he will be doing in the night. That same night the Pig, without anyone noticing went to the place where eagles' dropped feathers were spread around. He didn't sleep the complete night and prepared two wings to show everyone.

The next morning Pig started telling all the animals in joy. "Hey, All! Come here quickly. I am going for flying from that uphill."  Everyone was shocked to see the Pig showing off his two new wings which were clearly made from Eagles' feathers. The Sheep who never thought that Pig will actually do something like this came running and said."Hi! Don't do this stupid mistake. You will never be able to fly with these wings you made."

The Pig ignored the comment and ran towards uphill. The sheep wanted to stop Pig from doing this and she was about to go behind the Pig, suddenly an old wise Cow started saying, "Don't go behind the idiot Pig. If you will do friendship with an idiot person, it will do harm to you too."

The Sheep heard the Cow but still went behind the Pig uphill to stop him. When the Pig reached the top he cried again, "Everyone sees me now. I am about to fly". He shouted to a flying Eagle near sky too," Hey Eagle! I got wings just like you now. I am about to fly like you."

"Stop! Don't jump you will not be able to fly and hurt yourself", cried the Sheep who also came near to the Pig uphill. The Pig got frustrated and just hit the Sheep with his leg. The Pig too jumped off the hill and now was in the open air for a second.

The Pig was thinking that he started flying but within a second he fell down and got hurt badly. He didn't even realize that when he hit the Sheep, she too fell down before from the hill and got hurt. All the animals laughed at the Pig.

The same old wise Cow came near Sheep and told her, "I warned you before still you went ahead and tried to help the idiot Pig. The Pig not only hurt himself but you also got your bones broken because of that. Remember a friendship with Idiot will cause you more sufferings." The Sheep realized her mistake and then never tried to help any other Idiot again.

Dear Kids!!
"Remember helping people in need is good but helping arrogant and ignorant Idiot People will do harm to you. You should always choose your friends carefully."

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Thank you!!

Story By - Darpan
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