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The Boy Who Waited For the Best Diamond Ring | Kids Moral Stories

This is a story about a Boy and a Girl who loved each other truly and how the boy started looking for the best diamond ring in town.

They were in love for almost 5 years now and they often talk about marriage now. Within their talks many times the girl told the boy, how she dreams of getting proposed for marriage, with a beautiful diamond ring. The boy also wanted to give her love, the same happiness, and surprise one day.

The Boy Who Waited For the Best Diamond Ring | Kids Moral Stories

Soon the day came when the boy decided to propose. He thoughtfully decided on the date and the venue where he will be proposing. But there was one thing which was still pending, the diamond ring. So in search of the best diamond ring, he started going to the jewelers. He went to the first one, saw very beautiful diamond rings but still he thought no I will get an even more beautiful one in the next shop. 
He continued his journey to the next jeweler and saw the most beautiful ring he ever saw. Still, he thought no this is good but I will find even something better. 

It is close to 100 Jewelry Shops which the boy had seen but he was still searching. After the first 10-20 shops on thing started happening. The diamond ring options which he was getting, became less beautiful with every shop. At the end of the 100th Shop, the options were not even beautiful. He was tired and he didn't even realize that the proposal day is today only. He had no other option but to choose from the only options available on the ring.

The girl said YES of course but still, the boy was disappointed in his heart as he always knew that he could have taken the beautiful ring from the initial shops and proposed with that ring to her dream girl.

Moral -
Dear Kids!!
"Never let go of the things you have in hand. Sometimes we let go of some grateful things to go for something better, and in the end, we lose even the ones which were true gems."

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Story By - Darpan

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