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Miser and his Gold Coins | Kids Moral Stories

This is the story of a Miser and his Gold. Once upon a time, there was a miser. He had a garden. He was not too rich but one day his life changed. He got unexpected money from somewhere.

Since then he became richer every day. However, the more money he got, the more he became afraid of money being stolen. So he converted his money into gold coins and buried it in his garden, covered with stones.

From that night onwards, every night he would go to the garden, remove the stone and then check whether the gold coins are there or not. Not only he checks but he also counted the coins every day. Soon it became a routine for him.

One day a thief started following him. On observing him closely, he understood his routine and found out the place where the gold coins were buried. The same night after the Miser went to sleep after checking his gold coins, the thief stole the gold.

Next night when the Miser went to check the gold, he was shocked. He started crying, where did his gold go. Hearing this his neighbor came to him. He got to know everything that happened here from Miser.

He asked the Miser, "Why you didn't store the money in your home inside? This way you could use the coins too whenever you wanted"

The Miser replied in a loud crying voice, "Oh! Why I would be spending the gold? I wouldn't have spent a single coin from my treasure, even if it would have been in my home."

Hearing this, the neighbor picked up a stone from the garden and threw it in the same pit where the gold coins were buried. He said, "The gold coins were as worthless to you, as this stone. So it doesn't matter what I put in the pit because anyways you were never going to spend it."


Dear Kids!!
"Having things and not using it is worthless. Your possessions should be useful to you and should be worthy of keeping it!"

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Thank you!!

Inspired By - Aesop Fables
Post By - Darpan

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