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Birbal’s Journey To Heaven | Akbar-Birbal

Today's kid's friendly story from Akbar Birbal Collection is about Birbal's Journey to Heaven. Let's see whether the Birbal really went to Heaven or not?

Akbar always liked Birbal for his wisdom and wittiness. However, the other courtiers were always jealous of him, and with jealousy, they keep trying to put him down in front of Akbar's eyes. One day the court barber, who was also part of the jealousy group, plotted a plan against Birbal.

As the barber started trimming the Emperor’s beard, he said, “Sir, last night I dreamed about your father.” The Emperor got interested, so he asked, “What did he say to you ?”

Who's Well Who's Water | Akbar-Birbal

Today's story is a very short story from the collection of Akbar Birbal. 

Once upon a time, there was a cunning man who sold his well to a farmer. The very next day in the morning the farmer went to take out some water from the well. As soon he was about to draw the water, the same man who sold the well came and stopped him. 


Bring Me The Worst Four Fools Of The Town | Akbar-Birbal

This is a famous story from Akbar Birbal Collections - The Four Fools with a moral.

One day the emperor Akbar thought of something and asked Birbal to bring him, world's worst four fools. The Birbal without saying anything started searching for the fools from the next day morning.

One the day he saw a Brahmin. The Brahmin was running very fast carrying a plate of betel-nut, rice, and a few other things. When Birbal inquired with him, he answered, "My wife has just given birth to a son, and I am bringing her the ceremonial foods. Unfortunately, the boy is not my child, but his father will also be there."

Bring Me The Worst Four Fools Of The Town | Akbar-Birbal-BoughtShutterStock

When Akbar Dismissed Birbal From the Kingdom | Akbar-Birbal

This is the story of great king Akbar and his wise minister Birbal. Once upon a time, king Emperor Akbar became very angry on something at his favorite minister Birbal. Without thinking too much in a rage he asked Birbal to leave the kingdom and go away. Birbal without speaking a single word accepted the order of King and left the kingdom. He went to an unknown village far from the palace and started working on a farmer’s farm under a different identity.


How a Rich Man tested Birbal | Akbar-Birbal

Once there was a rich man in the city of King Akbar. He had heard about Birbal's intelligence but he never met him personally. He took permission of King Akbar and invited Birbal for a dinner.

Birbal reached the man's home. To his surprise, he was not alone. There were many people who were there at the dinner party. Finally, Birbal met the rich man.


Spend the Gold Coins | Akbar Birbal

Akbar always admired Birbal for his intelligence and wisdom. However, Akbar's brother in law was always jealous of Birbal. His motive was to throw Birbal out of the empire.
One day he told Akbar that I am more efficient and capable than Birbal. Birbal was also listening to all this. He resigned and left the darbar.


Birbal’s Wisdom | Akbar Birbal

It was a beautiful afternoon in the court of Akbar Birbal. Suddenly Akbar realized that the diamond ring from his hand is missing. This was a gift to Akbar from his father.

Birbal arrived in the court soon. Akbar discussed with Birbal the same thing and asked him the solution to find his ring. After a quick careful thought, Birbal said, "Do not worry my lord! I will find your ring right now."


How many Crows in the Kingdom | Akbar Birbal

It was a beautiful morning time on the day of summer. King Akbar and Birbal were taking a walk in the palace of gardens and were admiring the natural beauty. There were also a lot of crows in the garden. Watching the crows one question popped up in Akbar's head. He asked Birbal, "how many crows are there in our Kingdom ?"


The Wicked Barber’s Plight | Akbar Birbal

Birbal was always the favorite of Akbar and that was one of the reasons why some group of ministers in Emperor Akbar's court was a little jealous of Birbal. They always look out for a chance to get rid of him.

One day the ministers approached the King's Barber with a plan to permanently get rid of Birbal. The wicked Barber also agreed in return for the huge amount of money.

How Birbal caught the Thief | Akbar Birbal

Today's story is one of the popular stories of Akbar Birbal Collection. It all starts when a rich merchant is robbed. His all jewels and cash money is gone. Merchant had a lot of servants at home and his suspicion was on one of them.
In hopes of catching the thief and getting his jewels and money back, he went to Akbar's courtroom. After listening to his story Akbar asked Birbal to investigate this further. 


The Jealous Courtiers | Akbar-Birbal

It was a bright sunny day when the King Akbar was inspecting the law and order situation in the kingdom. He was talking to all his ministers on this topic. One of the ministers, who was always jealous of Raja Birbal, complained that the King gives much important to Birbal's suggestions and ministers like us were ignored. Akbar gave a thought for this and wanted to show minister why Birbal was so important to him.


Birbal The Child | Akbar-Birbal

One day Birbal couldn't come on time for a function in the palace. Seeing him coming late Akbar was not happy. Birbal told Akbar that his child was crying and he had to soothe him.

"Does it take so long to calm down a child?" asked the emperor. "It appears you know nothing about child raising. Lets do one thing. From now on you pretend to be a child and I shall act as your father.
I will show you how you should have dealt with your child. You behave the same way as your child behaved with you."

How many Blinds | Akbar-Birbal

It was a beautiful afternoon when Akbar and his nine jewels were discussing important kingdom related topics in his court. In between King Akbar questioned Birbal if he knows the number of blind citizens of their kingdom.

Raja Birbal before giving any answer thought for a minute and then requested King Akbar to give him a week’s time.


How King Akbar Met Birbal | Akbar-Birbal

Akbar used to love going out on hunting expeditions. Once, when Akbar was out on one such expedition, he and some of his courtiers lost their way somehow.

At last, they came to a junction of three roads. Akbar was very happy as he thought that now he could reach his capital, Agra through one of these roads. He was not sure as to which of the three roads was leading to Agra. No courtier was able to tell which road went to the Emperor’s capital.