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When Akbar Dismissed Birbal From the Kingdom | Akbar-Birbal

This is the story of great king Akbar and his wise minister Birbal. Once upon a time, king Emperor Akbar became very angry on something at his favorite minister Birbal. Without thinking too much in a rage he asked Birbal to leave the kingdom and go away. Birbal without speaking a single word accepted the order of King and left the kingdom. He went to an unknown village far from the palace and started working on a farmer’s farm under a different identity.


As months passed, Akbar started to realize his mistake of removing Birbal. There was no one like Birbal and soon he ordered his soldiers to find Birbal. However, Birbal was hiding in disguise and even the soldiers couldn't find him.

Akbar thought that to get Birbal out the only way is to give a tough riddle-like task for the common people, which only Birbal will be able to solve. So the next day he sent a message to the head of every village to send a pot full of the wit to the Emperor. If the pot full of wit can not be sent, fill the pot with diamonds and jewels.

This message also reached Birbal, who lived in one of the villages. The people of the village got together. All started talking about what to do now? The wit is not a thing, which can be filled in the pot. How will we arrange for diamonds and jewels to fill the pot and send it to the Emperor? Birbal who was sitting among the villagers said, “Give me the pot, I will fill the wit in one month’s end”. Everyone trusted Birbal and agreed to give him a chance. They still didn’t know his identity.

Birbal took the pot with him and went back to the farm. He had planted watermelons on his farm. He selected a small watermelon and without cutting it from the plant, he put that in the pot. He started looking after it by providing water and fertilizer regularly. Within a few days, the watermelon grew into a pot so much that it was impossible to get it out of the pot.

Soon, the watermelon reached the same size as the pot from inside. Birbal then cut the watermelon from the vine and separated it with the pot. Later, he sent a pot to Emperor Akbar with a message that “Please remove the wit without cutting it from the pot and without breaking the pot”.

Akbar watched the watermelon in the pot and realized that this can only be Birbal’s Work. Akbar himself came to the village, took Birbal back with him.


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Story By - Akbar Birbal Collection
Post By - Khushi

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