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Spend the Gold Coins | Akbar Birbal

Akbar always admired Birbal for his intelligence and wisdom. However, Akbar's brother in law was always jealous of Birbal. His motive was to throw Birbal out of the empire.
One day he told Akbar that I am more efficient and capable than Birbal. Birbal was also listening to all this. He resigned and left the darbar.


Akbar didn't have any option. He made his brother in law the minister in place of Birbal. Akbar decided to test the new minister. He gave three hundred gold coins to him and said, “Spend these gold coins such that, I get a hundred gold coins here in this life; a hundred gold coins in the other world and another hundred gold coins neither here nor there.”

The brother in law couldn't understand, how to find the solution to this problem. He couldn't figure out for a few days and was very worried. Eventually, on the advice of his sister, he sought Birbal's help. Birbal said, “Just give me the gold coins. I shall handle the rest.”

With Birbal's wisdom and knowledge, every problem will eventually get a solution. Birbal walked the streets of the city holding the bag of gold coins in his hand.

He noticed a very rich merchant celebrating his daughter's wedding. Birbal gave a hundred gold coins to him and bowed courteously saying, “Emperor Akbar sends you his good wishes and blessings for the wedding of your daughter. Please accept the gift he has sent.” The merchant felt honored that the king had sent a special messenger with such a precious gift. He honored Birbal and gave him a large number of expensive gifts and a bag of gold coins as a return gift for the king.

After a few miles, Birbal went to the area of the city where the poor people lived. There he bought food and clothing in exchange for a hundred gold coins and distributed them in the name of the Emperor.

When he came back to town he organized a concert of music and dance. He spent a hundred gold coins on it.

The next day Birbal entered Akbar’s darbar and announced that he had done all that the king had asked his brother-in-law to do. The Emperor wanted to know how he had done it. Birbal repeated the sequences of all the events and then said, “The money I gave to the merchant for the wedding of his daughter– you have got back while on this earth. The money I spent on buying food and clothing for the poor – you will get it in the other world. The money I spent on the musical concert – you will get neither here nor there.” Akbar’s brother in law understood his mistake and resigned. Birbal got his place back.


Dear Friends!!
"Money spent on friends will come to you in some form or other. The Money spent on Charity will give you blessings from God. Money spent on pleasures will be just gone. So always think about how you want to spend your money and what you need in return."

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