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The Promoted Barber | Tenali Raman

The courtiers of King Krishnadeva Raya were always jealous of Tenali Raman and try to find different ways to get him out. One day they thought of an idea and decided to approach the Royal Barber. They told Barber on what should he do and persuaded him to get Tenali out.

In general, the Royal Barber's only task was to give king Krishnadeva Raya his daily shave. One day when he arrived to do his job, the King was still asleep. The barber gave him a shave even as he slept as part of the plan. On waking up, the king was happy at the barber's skill of shaving a sleeping man. The king was pleased and told the barber to ask for anything of his choice. To this, the barber said, " Your Majesty, I would like to serve you as a minister in the Royal court as a replacement of Tenali Raman." The king agreed to the barber's wish.

The next day Tenali saw his place given to the Barber. He didn't tell anything and just bowed against the King and left the Court. The barber was happy at the start, however, couldn't do much as he was unaware of the daily important works which happen at the Court.

Later in the evening after a long day when Barber and the king both were going by the river they saw Tenali scrubbing hard bathing a black dog. When the king asked what he was doing, Tenali replied, "Your Majesty I am trying to convert a black dog into a white one by scrubbing it hard just as a barber took the post of the minister."
On hearing this, the barber realized what Tenali was hinting at. He himself felt ashamed and told King everything about the plan and why he did that.

Moral -

Dear Friends!! 
"We should always acquire the skills to do the work and should not expect work from someone who doesn't have skills on that!!"

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Story By - Tenali Raman Stories
Post By - Khushi


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