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Sweet Lily and Her Innocent Love! | Inspirational Story

A long time back in Chicago, there was a girl named Lily. Lily was 8 years old, sweet, and very innocent. She was living with her father. She lost her mother when she was born.

It was at the time of December. Christmas was coming in a few days and Lily was packing some gifts. She was using a gold wrapping paper to pack the gifts. Sweet Poor Child, she was also wasting a lot of wrapping paper.

Sweet Lily and Her Innocent Love! | Inspirational Story

Her father passed by from another room. He was in a bad mood because of his work issues. He saw the gold wrapping paper getting wasted and without thinking shouted on the poor girl.

Sweet Lily couldn't take this much anger. She cried for a long time. However, she didn't say anything
to her father. The father also left in other room and continued his work.

A few days later, it was Christmas Day. Father even didn't remember what happened the earlier day. Lily was looking very pretty in her white dress. She was playing near the Christmas tree. After seeing the father, she started searching for something.

In a minute later smiling, she came near to her father. She said. "This is for you Daddy!", giving over a gift to her father.
The father remembered how he yelled on her sweet child a few days back. He felt bad also. He started opening the gift but the box was empty. He thought her Lily is joking with him. He got furious again and said, ‘Don’t you know, when you give someone a gift, there’s supposed to be something inside?’

The little girl looked up at her dad with tears in her eyes and cried; ‘Oh, daddy, it’s not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They’re all for you, daddy.’

The father was devastated. He put his arms around his daughter and begged for her forgiveness. He took her outside for an ice-cream and they both enjoyed this lovely time.

Dear Friends!!
"When you are in anger, you tend to ignore other's feelings. Never say bad to anyone when you are angry because once you come back to your senses, the only thing you will feel is guilt."

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Inspired By - Internet
Story By - Darpan

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