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Happiness is a Choice! | Inspirational Story

There was a village where everyone was happy. Well! Everyone except for one old man. The old man's name was Ron. He thought of himself as the most unfortunate person in the world. Not only he was unhappy for himself, but he was also a constant complainer. His mood was always bad and he always emits negative energies out.

Happiness is a Choice! | Inspirational Story

Many years passed by with Ron's same behavior. People started avoiding him because wherever he used to go, he would carry his misfortunes too. People didn't want any more insults. His unhappiness was becoming contagious and would easily spread to whoever he used to meet.

After man years Ron turned seventy years old. It was like a Miracle. Ron was smiling and happy. People couldn't believe what they were seeing. The news spread in the village like a fire. Within a few minutes, the whole village gathered around him as they wanted to see and most importantly find out how Ron has suddenly turned happy.

One of the people asked Ron, "What happened to You ?"

And this is what Ron replied -
"Nothing Special! All my life I was thinking that happiness is running in front of me and I kept chasing it. Now I realized it was useless. I have decided to live without happiness and just enjoy the life as it is. This had made me Happy"

Moral -
Dear Friends!!
"Just like Ron was chasing happiness and he never got it, we all are running behind the myth of Happiness. We think that if we earn money, we will be happy. If we get a good life partner, we will be happy. If we get a dream job, we will be happy. But in reality, we will be happy when we will be grateful for what we have first. Learn to enjoy life as it is then anything else will be a bonus for you."

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Inspired By - Internet
Story By - Darpan

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