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Money OR Time?? Story of Father and Son!! | Inspirational Story

There was a boy named Harry. He was very lazy and also he never finished things on time. He was always behind his schedule because he had one bad habit. The habit to waste time. His father thought about it and wanted to help Harry.


One day he took his boy to a walk and started talking about random talks which the boy likes, like sports, iPhone, etc. Then he started telling this story.

Once there was a man who was very poor. One day with his daily blessings God came to him and told him, "Today onwards you will have a bank account with $86,400 deposited every morning. The account will however not carry over the balance the next day. Whatever amount you will use, you can use and the remaining will go away the next day. "

Listening to this, the boy got curious. He asked then what did the poor man did?  The father replied, "At first he couldn't use all his money, soon he started realizing that he has to try to use every dollar of the day so he will not have any regrets. After a few days, the poor man became rich, because he learned how to use his everyday amount properly."

The father asked the boy, "So what did you learn from this story ?"

The boy said, "That we should use the money carefully. If I get such money I will use it to buy ice creams and a lot of games."

The father smiled and said, "Yes you are right, we should use the money carefully. Do you know that the poor person is not the only one who gets that amount every day? We all get but in terms of time. Time is Money. Every morning God gives use 86,400 seconds to live with. By every night it is gone and the next day you get your 86,400 seconds again. Just like we need to manage money, we also need to manage our 86,400 seconds of the day. We should prioritize it and spend it on the things which are important in life."

After listening to this story the boy realized the importance and Time in life. From that day the young boy never waster time and always thought his time as his money. He became a very successful person growing older.

Dear Friends!!
"Time is real money. Most of the times we do not take good care of our time like our money. Reality is time never comes back but money can be earned back. So think about where you are spending your time and are you using it efficiently."

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Story By - Darpan

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