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The Lion and a Clever Fox | Panchatantra

In a dense big forest there lived a Lion. One morning his wife told him that his breath was bad and unpleasant. The lion felt humiliated and angry upon hearing this. He still thought to verify this fact with others. So he called three animals from the same forest outside his cave.


First one was the sheep. The Lion opening his mouth wide said, “Sheep, tell me if my mouth smells bad?” The sheep thought that the lion wanted an honest answer, so the sheep said, “Yes, Friend. Your breadth smells a little bad”. However listening to this Lion became angry. He jumped on the sheep, killing it.

Then the lion called the wolf and said, “Do you think that I have a bad breath?” The wolf saw what happened to the sheep. He wanted to be very cautious in answering a question. So, the wolf said, “Who says that Your breath is unpleasant. It’s as sweet as the smell of roses”. When the lion heard the reply, he roared in an anger and immediately attacked the wolf and killed it. “The flatterer!” growled the lion.

The last animal to meet Lion was the fox. The lion asked him the same question. The fox after seeing fate of both Sheep and the Wolf already thought on what to say. So he coughed and cleared his throat again and again and then said, “Oh Dear Friend, for the last few days, I have been having a very bad cold. Due to this, I can’t smell anything, pleasant or unpleasant”.

Hearing this the lion spared the fox’s life.

Moral :-

Dear Friends!! 
"It is wise to avoid certain situations and bad companies in life because no matter what you do or say you will get the punishment at the end."

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Post By :- Darpan
Inspired By :- Panchatantra Tales

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