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Motivational Story of The Jackal and the Drum | Panchatantra Story

Today's short motivational story,The Jackal and the Drum, is from the collection of Panchatantra's stories.

The story starts with a hungry Jackal whose name was Gomaya. He was wandering in search of food in a jungle. He kept wandering but he didn't get anything. 

Jackal and the Drum Panchatantra Story

The Lion and the Foolish Donkey | Panchatantra Story

This short moral story has been taken from the Panchatantra Collections about a Lion and the Foolish Donkey.

There were Lion and his assistant Jackal in a forest. One day the Lion went on a fierce battle with the elephant and got injured badly. The Lion was injured so much that he couldn't even walk, hunting was out of the question for him.

As Lion was not hunting, Jackal also didn't eat for a few days. One day Jackal said to Lion, "O Master, I am not being able to serve you because I am too weak. I have not eaten for several days."


Did Rat Ate the Iron ? | Panchatantra Story

This is a short moral story from Panchatantra Collections about a merchant's son whose iron gets eaten by the rat or ...Not?

There was a merchant's son, Jveernadhana, who wanted to achieve something in life. He was not successful and had recently faced a big loss in the business. He had lost all his money too. The only option for him was to travel to different parts of the country and try for success.


The Monkey and The Crocodile (The Original Story) | Panchatantra

This is the story of The Monkey And The Crocodile from Panchatantra Collection.

A long time back, there was a monkey who lived on a huge tree. The tree was special not because it was huge but because its fruits were the sweetest. The monkey was happy eating the fruits every day.

One day a crocodile came swimming near the tree. He was tired because he was swimming for a long time. He wanted to eat something. Seeing him hungry, the kind monkey felt bad. He said, " Hey Croco! You seem hungry. I will give you the most delicious fruits ever", tossing the fruits to the crocodile.

The Monkey and The Crocodile ( The Original Story )_ImageOwnedFromShutterStock

The Thief and the Brahmins | Panchatantra Story

This is a story about 4 Brahmins and another Thief who is also a Brahmin, from Panchatantra Collection.
One day those four Brahmins arrived in a town from a far-off place, to sell some crafts. They had a successful business and earned a handful of money. This is the same town where the Thief also lived. The thief got to know about the Brahmins and he started watching the brahmins making money. Soon he thought of a plan for stealing this money.

The Thief and the Brahmins | Panchatantra Story

Who is right Frog or Two Fishes? | Panchatantra Story

Two large fishes, Sahasrabuddhi and Satabuddhi lived in a big pond and were close friends with a frog called Ekabuddhi. They spent a lot of time together on the bank of the pond.

One evening, as they were assembled on the bank of the pond, they saw a few fishermen approaching. They had nets and big baskets with them, which were full of fishes that they had caught.

While passing by the pond, they noticed that the pond was full of fishes. One of them said to the others, "Let us come here tomorrow morning. This pond is not very deep and is full of fishes. We have never caught fishes in this pond."



The Little Mice and The Big Elephants | Panchatantra Story

There was a small village where lot of mice used to live in. Close to the village, there was a lake with fresh and tasty water.

One day a herd of elephants found out this lake and they really liked the water. From the next day onwards they used to come daily to drink the water. While on their way to the lake, every day the elephants were crossing the village where mice were living. As elephants are huge animals they couldn't see the mice on their way and killed many of the mice every day.


The King And The Foolish Monkey | Panchatantra Story

All the stories usually start with a King and Queen but this one is different. This story is a very short story about a King and his pet monkey. 

The King used to love his monkey and even the monkey was very fond of him. The monkey was trained enough to do a lot of small chores for the king. The only thing bad about monkey was that he was foolish. Everything was going well and they both used to enjoy each other's company.


The Talkative Tortoise | Panchatantra Story

There was a beautiful lake where many animals were living together happily. In those animals, there were three friends, two Swans, and a very talkative tortoise. They used to play together and spend their days together. Tortoise used to tell a lot of things and talks all day with them.


The Thirsty Crow Koku and The Water Pitcher | Panchatantra Story

It was a long time ago when there used to be a crow named Koku. He was living in a Jungle. Every day he will wander inside the jungle for the search of his food and water.


The Talking Cave | Panchatantra

The King of the jungle, Lion is now old. He was not so quick and sharp as he was in his young age. One time he was wandering in the jungle and he didn't have any food for two days. He was extremely hungry. While wandering he saw a cave and he went inside.

The King thought that he will hide inside the cave and as soon as the cave owner will come, he will eat him.

The Wolf And The Seven Lambs | Panchatantra

There was a goat who was living with her seven lambs. The Goat loves her lambs very much and was very protective of them. Every day, the goat used to go out in search of food while the seven little lambs stayed back at home and waited for her. Every time, before going out the goat warned her lambs to be careful and explained, “There is a bad wolf who lives in the forest. When I am away, he will try to come and eat you. You must not open the door for him. He has a gruff voice and a bushy tail. Open the door only for me and no one else.”

The Pigeons and the Hunter | Panchatantra

Once a flock of pigeon was flying from the top of the forest. It was a beautiful day and the sky was also clear. But it was not like every other day. This time a cruel hunter was waiting to catch the pigeons.

The Hunter had laid a net with rice spread all over it. He knew that the pigeons would definitely come to eat the rice and he can catch them easily. Shortly, a flock of pigeons comes by and start eating the rice and get caught in the net.


The Bird with Two Heads | Panchatantra Story

This story is about a strange bird. The bird was not like the others. He had two heads but only one stomach. One nice day the bird was flying high in the sky, he saw an apple shaped fruit on the bank of the river. He quickly went down and picked up the fruit. The first head was eating the fruit and had no intention of sharing with the other as the fruit was one of the most delicious the bird had ever eaten.
The second head protested, "I am also your brother. Why don't you share this yummy fruit with me too?"

The Priest and The Goat | Panchatantra

There was a religious and devoted Priest in a small village. He was simple and very innocent. One time because of his services he was rewarded with a goat by a wealthy man. The Priest was very happy. He was happily taking the goat over his shoulder and walking towards his home.
On the way, three cheats saw the Priest taking the goat.

The Elephant and the Sparrow | Panchatantra

There was a huge tree in a Forest where a Sparrow Couple was living happily. One of the females laid her Eggs in the nest expecting their NewBorns soon.
One day it was very hot because of the scorching sun. An elephant unable to bear this hear went insane. He started crashing all the trees coming on his way. On his way, he broke the branches of the Tree that supported the nest of the Sparrow Couple. As the Branches fell, so did the Nest and all the newly laid Eggs smashed into the ground. Although the Sparrows managed to escape by flying away, they were heartbroken to see that they had lost the Eggs. The female Sparrow cried loudly.

The Lion and a Clever Fox | Panchatantra

In a dense big forest there lived a Lion. One morning his wife told him that his breath was bad and unpleasant. The lion felt humiliated and angry upon hearing this. He still thought to verify this fact with others. So he called three animals from the same forest outside his cave.


How Peter Saved The Forest | Panchatantra

There was a lion named Alex which was very cruel and greedy. One day he started roaming in the forest and started hurting every animal who was coming on his way. Seeing this, all the animals assembled and decided to offer one animal from each species voluntarily every day to Alex. This way they will be saved for some time and Alex will not hurt everyone on his way.


King Elephant and Hare | Panchatantra

This story starts with a beautiful Jungle where a big Group of Elephants was living happily. They were living near a pond. There came a time when the pond started drying up due to lack of rain for a few years.

Some of the elephants met the king of the elephants Gajraj, and said, "Your Majesty! We do not have any more water. Some of our little ones are on the verge of death. We must find some other place which has abundant water."

The Story of The Blue Jackal | Panchatantra

Once! there lived a Jackal named Chandarava. One day he was very hungry and could not find any food. So, he wandered into a nearby Village in search of Food.

The Dogs in the village saw the Jackal and a group of Dogs surrounded him, barking and attacking with their sharp teeth. The Jackal started running to save itself, but the Dogs chased. In an attempt to flee from the Dogs, he ran into a house, which belonged to a Washerman. There was a big tank of blue dye inside. As he jumped without knowing, his entire body was dyed in blue color. He no longer looked like a Jackal.