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The story of a blind girl | Inspirational Story

There was a blind girl named June. She was always ungrateful in her life. She didn't have many friends because of her complaining nature. She hated everyone but her boyfriend Sam.

Sam was always there for June. Whenever June would get sad Sam would make her happy. However, June was always focussed on one thing why she doesn't have eyes.


One beautiful evening Sam took June to her favorite restaurant and at the end of the dinner, proposed her. June was happy and she said yes but on one condition. She said I will marry you only if I can see the world.

Then a few days from that day June had her eyes surgery and she was able to see. The Doctor told that an anonymous donor donated the eyes and that's why this surgery was possible.

June wanted to see the world and most importantly her boyfriend Sam. Finally, she saw Sam. Sam was very happy too. He asked her, Now as you have got your eyes back will you marry me?

June thought for a moment and refused to marry him. He asked why and June replied because you cannot see and you are blind.

Sam walked away in tears. Later in the day the doctor came to June and handed her a letter. The letter was written by Sam during her operation.

The letter said, "I love you so much. I want you to see the world and marry me. I can do anything for you and that's why I want you to have my eyes from now on."


Dear Friends!!
"Life is a gift so instead of complaining be grateful, instead of being selfish be kindhearted and gracious. Always be grateful for the people who helped you in times of need."

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