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Adventures of Gulliver and Lilliputians | Kid's Bedtime Story

Lemuel Gulliver was a married surgeon from Nottinghamshire, England, and he used to love traveling. He was a surgeon on ships and lands up becoming a ship captain. This is one of the exciting stories from his different voyages.

One stormy night at sea, a ship was wrecked. All the passengers on board drowned, except Gulliver. Gulliver was an excellent swimmer and swam for many miles before he reached the shore. Gulliver was very hungry and tired and decided to sleep as there was no food nearby.

The next morning he woke up. He saw his hands, legs, and body were tied to the ground. He saw little men running near all around him. They were none other than the Lilliputians because the place Gulliver landed was their's called The Lilliput.

Adventures of Gulliver and Lilliputians| Kid's Bedtime Story

He was surprised. He couldn't believe that there are men who are so tiny as compared to himself. One of the little men came near to Gulliver's ear and said, "You have come to the land of Lilliput; we are Lilliputians. We are taking you to our Emperor, so please do not make any trouble. You will be shot at." Gulliver was not at all scary but still nodded.

Gulliver was taken to the emperor after a lot of effort. It was a carnival atmosphere in which the Lilliputians seemed to be enjoying themselves, much to the amusement of Gulliver. Finally, they arrived at the Emperor's palace. The Emperor was there to receive Gulliver, "You are indeed a strange sight. If you are to stay here you will have to be of service to my people here," he said pointing to the crowd. Gulliver said, "I agree to any condition but only if you untie me."

Gulliver was freed. He was provided with food and water, a house was built for him. It was a monumental effort by the Lilliputians, who were all out to serve Gulliver. Gulliver stayed with the Lilliputians, helping them with many small tasks.

Everything was going on smoothly until Gulliver heard from the emperor about the kingdom of Bleuse. The kingdom was the neighboring kingdom that was not on a very friendly relationship with Lilliput. The King of Bleuse declared war on Lilliput. He took a hundred ships to mount an attack.

The Lilliputians were not that strong to fight the Bleuse. They ran to Gulliver for help. The Emperor said, "Don't let us down now Gulliver; we need your help." Gulliver walked into the sea.

Adventures of Gulliver and Lilliputians| Kid's Bedtime Story

He took a long rope, tied all the hundred ships together, and dragged them in the water. Gulliver pulled the ships the whole day until the army of Bleuse was giddy and in no position to fight.

The King of Bleuse came begging for peace between the two kingdoms. The Emperor agreed. Gulliver was hailed as the hero and lived in Lilliput for many years.

Moral -

Dear Kids!! "Everyone is equal and everyone is human, no matter how tall or short you are. You should give respect to all. Second help each other out. Helping people in need is one of the best things you can do to do good in life."

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Original Story By - Jonathan Swift
Post By - Darpan

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