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Flock of Dove and the Mouse | Kid's Story

There was a flock of doves flying one day over the forest. They were searching for food. Suddenly the cutest of all dove saw some food scattered beneath a tree. The flock led by the kind landed and started eating, as they all were very hungry flying from long.

With just a few minutes passed, a net fell over them and they were all trapped. The cute dove shouted, "Oh! look there is a hunter approaching towards us." The doves started panicking. However, the king was very wise. He thought for a minute and advised all the doves to fly up together carrying the net with them.

Each dove picked up a portion of the net and together they flew off carrying the net with them. The hunter couldn't do anything and was just shocked.

The flock was happy but they were still trapped with the net. The King knew a friend, the mouse who could help them. The King led the flock to fly high to the mountain. When the mouse heard the loud noise of their approach, he went into hiding. The dove king gently called out to him and then the mouse was happy to see him. The dove king explained that they had been caught in a trap and needed the mouse’s help to set them free.

The mouse agreed to help the flock of doves to be free. He began to cut the net and soon the doves were out of the trap. All the doves thanked the mouse and they flew back again.


Dear Kids!!
"For any work to be successful everyone in the group should work together. Unity is strength and people if work together can achieve the toughest of things."

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