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Tenali Raman and Goddess Kali Encounter | Tenali Raman Story

Tenali Raman had his good days and his bad days. One time he was suffering from a bad cold, his eyes were red with tears coming out, and he had to wipe his nose all the time. His wife gave him hot water with some herbs boiled in it. The drink helped Tenali to get rid of cold within a few hours.

Tenali was happy and relieved. He had his plans to go to Kaali Temple in the evening. His intentions were to pray and get Gold in return with the blessings of Kaali. Although before he left in the evening, his wife gave a small warning, "Don't make jokes there! Pray properly and come with gold".

Tenali Raman and Goddess Kali Encounter | Tenali Raman Story

It was totally dark in the temple with just a lamp burning before the idol of Kaali Ma. Raman started praying hard and he didn't realize that soon Kaali Ma appeared in front of him.

Raman couldn't believe his eyes first but later he started laughing. The Goddess was not at all prepared for this kind of reaction. She was about to get angry suddenly Raman begged her to forgive him.

Mother Kaali was now curious to know what made Raman laugh. “Mother,” said Raman, “This morning I had a cold. I blew my nose and wiped it throughout the day and became exhausted. When I see you now with your thousand faces …”

“Yes, go on, complete your explanation,” said Mother Kaali impatiently.

“When I see you with your thousand faces I wonder what will happen should you ever catch a cold …… you will look funny blowing your thousand noses, won’t you?” said Raman as he broke into laughter again.

Though she was at first annoyed, Mother Kaali caught the joke and smiled.

“I want to punish you, Raman, for being naughty,” said Mother Kaali. “But since you made me smile, I forgive you. I bless you to make people laugh all the time with your wit.”

But Raman wanted something more. As if reading his mind, the Mother took out a piece of silken cloth and handed it over to Raman.

Raman was certain that Mother was offering him was a magical cloth that would yield his riches. But to be doubly sure, he decided to ask Kaali Ma.
“What’s this for, Mother?” asked Raman. He hoped the cloth would yield a couple of gold coins every morning.

“To blow your nose, you silly, when you catch a cold next time,” said Mother Kali with a laugh.

Moral -
Dear Friends!!
"It is good to be funny but we should behave according to the situation. Being humorous is good but some places it is better to be serious."

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Inspired By - Tenali Raman Collection
Story By - Darpan

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