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Who will bell the Cat? | Kids Story

This is a very short story with a moral to learn from. Long time back there lived a large group of mice in a house. The house was full with lots of food and because of this the mice never had to stay hungry. Whenever they wanted they had the food available.


However the house owner Jack was having a lot of problems because of the mice. After careful thinking, he thought to get rid of the mice I have to get a cat. So he brought himself a cat name, Bob.

As soon as the cat came to the home, the mice were not as free as they were before. They were not able to roam around easily in the home. Once one mouse tried to move freely and he got caught by the cat. From that time onwards all the mice were scared too.

One day the mice had a meeting. This meeting is to discuss how to solve the problem of the cat. One of the smart mice suggested, "Why don't we put a bell around the cat's neck, so wherever she will go or approach us, we get to know."

Everyone was suddenly happy hearing the solution. Now the next question came,
"Who will tie the bell?"

With this question everyone was silent.

Dear Kids!!
Making Plans is still easy in life but executing them is difficult. If you are making plans think about you will execute it also. Is it feasible to do or not?

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Original Story By - Aesop
Post By - Khushi

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