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Story of How Hanuman Met Sita | Mythological Story

This is the story of the day when Hanuman meets Sita first time in Ashok Vatika.

Ravana when kidnapped Sita, took her to Lanka. One day Sita was sitting in the Ashoka Vatika, sad and depressed, waiting for Rama to come and get her. Ravana came and said to Sita, "If you marry me, I will make you my Patrani( Chief Queen )."


Arjuna’s Focus | Mythological Story

This is one of the stories from Mahabharat when Arjuna, one of the Pandavas was training under his Guru DronaCharya. 

Once upon a time, Guru DronaCharya overheard Duryodhana, one of the Kaurava, talking that Guru always favors Arjun and he never put that much focus on other disciples like him. Guru could have talked to Duryodhana at that time but he thought of a better way to tell everyone that Arjuna is indeed his best disciple.

Arjuna’s Focus | Mythological Story

Ganesha And Kartikeya Race Story | Mythological Story

This is an Indian mythological story about Ganesh and Kartikeya's race around the world with a moral.

One day Narad Muni, the son of Brahma and a big devotee of Vishnu, came to Kailash Parbat (Mountain). Kailash Parbat was the place where Lord Shiva lived with his wife Goddess Parvati and two sons, Ganesh and Kartikeya. Narad was famous for one more thing, he was the messenger and also mischievous.

Ganesha And Kartikeya Race Story | Mythological Story | ImageSourceBought-ShutterStock

How Hanuman Saved Lakshman's Life? | Mythological Story

Once upon a time when Lakshmana was severely wounded during the battle against Ravana, Hanuman is sent to fetch the Sanjeevani, a powerful life-restoring herb, from Dronagiri mountain, in the Himalayas, to revive him.

The journey of finding the herb was not easy. Ravana knew that if Lakshmana dies, his enemy Rama would probably give up, and so he dispatches the sorcerer Kalanemi to intercept Hanuman. Kalanemi, in the guise of a sage, deceives Hanuman, but Hanuman uncovers his plot with the help of an apsara, whom he rescues from her accursed state as a crocodile.

Hanuman And The Sanjeevini Booti | Mythological Story

Abhimanyu 'The Warrior who learned before birth!' | Mythological Story

This is the story of Abhimanyu, the third son of Pandava Arjun. A brave warrior who not only defeated Karna 4 times in war but also scared the Kauravas. Let's begin the story.

This story starts when Abhimanyu was in the womb of Arjun and Subhadra. One night Arjun was explaining to Subhadra the technique of penetrating the Chakravyuh. Charkravyuh is a very complex formation of warriors in seven circles to attack the enemy. Arjun finished the technique to enter and while he was about to tell how to come out of Chakravyuh, Subhadra slept. It is said that a child starts learning from the womb itself, and the same thing happened with Abhimanyu.


The Devotion & Dedication Of Eklavya | Mythological Story

This is the story of Eklavya, the son of a tribal chief, a boy from the forests of the kingdom-Hastinapura, a boy who was very brave and was loved by everyone.

One day during his early childhood, his father came to him asking, "Son! Why don't you enjoy hunting and playing like other kids? Why are you so unhappy?"

"I want to be an archer. I want to learn from great Dronacharya, who is the greatest tutor of Archery in Hastinapura. I want to go to Gurukul."

His father knew that Eklavya's dream was something big and not so easy to achieve. However, he supported him and gave his blessings  Eklavya started his journey and soon reached Gurukul where he wanted to meet the Guru Drona.


How Ganga Came to Earth | Mythological Story

Do you know why Ganga River is also called as Bhagirathi or Jaahnavi ? Or Do you know why we see Ganga flowing from the Shiva's hair ?

Today's mythological story is about India's Ganga river and it will also answer all these above questions. Let's start the story -

A long time ago, there was no rain on earth for twelve years. Due to this all rivers and wells dried up. There was no drinking water for people and animals. Both were slowly dying.


Where is Shiva | Mythological Story

Koosu, a little girl, 7 years of age used to live with his father Shivaswami in a village. Shivaswami was known for his devotion to Lord Shiva. Every morning, he would take with him a pot of milk as an offering to Shiva. In the evening, he would sing songs describing the greatness of Shiva.

“Shiva is everywhere. He dwells in our heart and he fills the whole universe,” he would say. His little daughter, Koosu, used to listen to the stories he narrated and joined him in singing the songs.


Diwali Story For Kids | Mythological Story

Diwali is an Indian Festival, full of lights, a lot of sweets and worship to Goddess Lakshmi. But there is a story on why Diwali is celebrated. Today's Diwali Story for Kids will tell you why do we celebrate the festival.

Once upon a time, there was a king Dashratha. He was the king of Ayodhya. The king Dashratha was planning to crown Rama as the next king. However, Rama's stepmother didn't want this as her plans were to make her son Bharat the new King. She manipulated the King to exile Rama for 14 years from the town.


When Ganesha broke his tusk | Mythological Story

This is the story of why Ganesha Chaturthi came into existence. Ganesha is the God of wisdom. He loves Modaks ( a type of sweet ) a lot. One late evening Ganesha was returning home on his ride, the mouse. The mouse couldn't bear the weight of Ganesha for a long ride, as today Ganesha was carrying a lot of modak treats with him and fell down on the way.


How Shiva’s throat turned blue | Mythological Story

This is a very interesting story on how Shiva's throat turned blue during Samudra Manthan. During the Samudra Manthan, both Asuras and Devas were waiting for the nectar to come out of the sea as Devas did a treaty with Asuras that they will share the nectar.


Hanuman Befriends Rama | Mythological Story

This story is about how Hanuman met Rama and how their eternal friendship story started.


Lord Rama, Shabari and the Half Eaten Fruits | Mythological Story

This story is from the Indian Epic Ramayan. It starts with a girl Shabari whose family were hunters. But Shabari never liked this and even left the family to find the spirituality in the world. After wandering for days she finally landed and settled in the ashram of Sage Mathanga.


The Mythological Story Behind Holi Celebration | Mythological Story

This story is about a high and mighty King named Hirankashyap and his son Prahlad who was a big devotee of God Vishnu. The king wanted to be very powerful so he started praying to Brahma, the God who created the Universe. Pleased with his prayers Brahma gave him the blessing that,
He could never be killed by A Man Nor Animal,
He could not be killed Indoors or Out
He could never be killed above the ground nor on it; and neither in daylight nor in the dark.

When Rama wanted the Moon | Mythological Story

It was the time when Rama was a small kid and his mother Kausalya also the wife of King Dasharatha was feeding him at night. It was a beautiful full moon night.
      Kausalya showed Rama the full moon in the sky while feeding. Seeing this beautiful moon Rama was fascinated and started saying, "Give me that".

When Hanuman wanted the Sun | Mythological Story

This story is from an incident from Hanuman's childhood times. Hanuman was the son of Anjana and Kesari. But as he was also born by the grace of Vayu (God of Wind) he is also known as Pavanputra (Vayu's son).


Krishna and Sudama Eternal Friendship | Mythological Story

When people think about True Friendship, Krishna & Sudama is always talked about. Sudama was a Brahmin man but he was very poor. He couldn't even feed his children every day because of money.
One day his wife told him,"Even if we remain hungry at least our children should be able to get food to eat."

Sudama was poor but he didn't like to take any favors. He felt hurt by his wife's statement. He said, "What can be done? We can't ask for favors from anybody."

Sudama's wife replied, "Krishna is a good friend of yours. You have been saying that you have a deep bond of friendship with him. He is the King of Dwarka, so why don't you go to him? There won't be any need to ask for anything there."

Sudama found wisdom in the words of his wife. He decided to go to Dwarka & said, "I'll definitely go to Krishna but what should I take along with his children?"